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Buy GLHV and sell GDGI

13 Sep

Reasons to Invest in GLHV – Global Health Voyager

•The company has licensed and commercialized an autonomous airborne spore detection system that detects elevated levels of bacterial spores (such
• The company expects to see continued growth in the overall online advertising market, and specifically in the social networking segment.

• GLHV is developing and implementing an aggressive marketing plan for http://www.SingleFatherNetwork.com to expand audience and revenue.

• The company also reported the development of NEUROTRASH.tv, the first in a series of websites that will establish the organization as an online entertainment and media provider.

• NEUROTRASH.tv is a video-sharing site targeting young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Users will be able to post and share videos on the site as well as take advantage of NEUROTRASH.tv’s video player to place videos on their own sites, social networking profile pages and blogs. NEUROTRASH. tv will promote the development of both hip content by amateur and professional videographers, and useful information channels. Extensive social networking opportunities exist on the website.

• GLHV is developing and implementing an aggressive marketing plan for Neurotrash.tv to expand audience and revenue.

The Company’s medical tourism platform addresses specific market needs, providing each segment with access to services that are tailored to reflect high quality standards and attention to safety:

* Business-to-Business: Self-insured employers, health plans, brokers and other intermediaries. With legislative reform expected to drive up healthcare costs, more employers are choosing to self-insure their health benefits. Self-insured employers of all sizes are discovering the significant cost savings and comparable quality and safety of medical travel.

* Uninsured and Underinsured Individuals: Estimates by the Commonwealth Fund show that 52 million Americans were uninsured in 2010. The Gallup Report 2010 cites Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Utah, and Florida as states with the highest numbers of uninsured.

* High Net-Worth Individuals: Affluent patients desire access to top-tier providers and advanced medical technologies including stem cell treatments; anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures; in-vitro fertilization; wellness spas; and rehabilitation programs for addictive behaviors.

This could be a crazy penny stock

Sentiment: Bullish

Recommendation: Strong Buy