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TOFS is buzzing all over the Web

19 Sep

TOFS has beeen doing the right things over the last few months, and has created shareholder value in the process. Shareholders have made TOFS one of the most valuable pink sheet companies. We will continue to get more shares as the company continues to accomplish new milestones.

Read below:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–      247MGI, Inc. (Pink Sheets:TOFS.pkNews) (“247MGI”) has moved to OTC Pink Current       Information tier and the Company has also settled a legal matter       reducing its liabilities.

The company has entered into an agreement with Dr. Peskin, a former Director of the Company which calls for the CEO to pay him $110,000 in 4       installments by October 26th. The first installment has been made. Upon receipt of the final installment, a Satisfaction of Judgment shall be filed with the Clerk of the Courts in Broward County, FL. The total reduction in liabilities off the balance sheets is over $200,000.

As stated previously, the Company would reduce its Authorized shares  upon the successful uplist to “PK” status. Now, since that has taken       place the certificate shall be overnighted to the transfer agent to  allow this to happen. Once the shares are returned, which can take up to 72 hrs for the TA to complete the request, the Company will file an Amendment with the State of Florida to reduce the number of Authorized  shares from 3.5 billion to 1.6 billion.

The Amendment takes 48 hours to complete which will then be followed by the completion of the merger. At this time the Company can begin to grow       and work on its audit and then file an S1 registration for its new class  of Preferred and become a fully reporting company once again.

The Company asks Shareholders to monitor PinkSheets.com for continued developments

The Company has no plans for any type of share restructuring for its Common stock.

The Company asks Shareholders to monitor PinkSheets.com for continued developments.

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